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Inspired by the oracles of ancient myths and legends, each of the installation’s eleven components (spread over three chapters and a preface ) respond to a physical presence to provide an immersive, reflective and palpable experience.
Chapter 1 (Construction ) considers “Construct and the Light Den”, “Into the Well I Look” and “Alice and Her Brood”.

Chapter 2 (Into the Fire ) considers “Ephemera Undone”, “And the Lies Begin” and “I Have Always Been Here”.

Chapter 3 (Now It Begins) considers “Deceptive Catharsis”, “I and Eye”, “Where Sodium Dares” and “I am here”.
Themes of “who am I” are explored via the linked installations. The journey through Oracle provides the audience with an opportunity to pose questions, reflect on them, have them answered by the “real” oracle (a room made up of whispering toast) and deal with the consequences of these answers as they confront the scrutiny and chastisement of a critical society and the rumour mill.

Presented as part of the Big West Festival (Melbourne, Australia)

Selected works
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