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Majestic Insurgence

The world of Harvest Harbinger (part 1 of our Imaginarium trilogy) seems to have found its way into ours through a series of wardrobes. Currently teetering at the striations between two worlds, it glistens with colour and peculiarity. It seems that children’s previous travels through their wardrobe’s secret doors into the worlds behind them have provided passage of this colourful world into ours. The opening and shutting of wardrobe’s doors is the only thing left holding back this world. As the doors slowly open, nearby plants in our world giddily tremble in anticipation of its entrance and collectively bow down to its impending entrance. Why does this world seek to enter ours? Why now? Is this a call for assistance, an offer of help or the beginnings of a majestic insurgence?, (Part 2 of the Imaginarium trilogy)

Commissioned by the GPT group for Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong, (Melbourne, Australia)

Selected works
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