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Luminous Intervention

Light is used by plants to make energy rich molecules and oxygen via a process called photosynthesis. The process is essential in sustaining life on Earth. Plants can thus be thought of as essential to life, the givers of life and the agents of light itself. Luminous Intervention considers a particular species of these agents of light. These plants over the countless millennia have evolved to not only make use of light but to reserve some of it, to capture it, to store it like seeds. These seeds only sprout when it becomes too dark too quickly and where light is absent and far away. These plants have evolved to respond to the solstice, to herald its arrival and minimize its stay by counteracting its darkness by seeding light itself and dispersing it. It is this light that seeds the next generation of plants that will then be required to defend light from the darkness when solstice returns again.

Kinetic and dichroic elements are used to explore flower based disciples of light that confront darkness when light is absent and far away.

Commissioned by Federation Square as part of the Light in Winter Festival (Melbourne, Australia).

Selected works
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